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Prior to undergoing any sort of dental treatment, it’s important to us that patients understand all of the benefits and risks that they may face. This will give patients realistic expectations about what the treatment involves and also improve overall patient satisfaction. Dr. Carlo Biasucci and the team at Northern Dental Care will discuss AlloDerm gum grafting in great detail so you know both the risks and benefits of the procedure. Let’s take a moment to briefly cover both right now.

Risks of AlloDerm Gum Grafting

Some of the risks associated with AlloDerm gum grafting are those associated with any oral surgery. These include possible infection, poor healing, excessive bleeding, and poor results. All of these common risks and complications can be mitigated if you follow our instructions for post-operative care.

One of the major risks that AlloDerm patients face is potential lack of integration of the AlloDerm tissue matrix. In general, this is a rare occurrence given how successful gum grafting with AlloDerm has been over the years. Again, the chances of this occurring can be greatly diminished by following our instructions for post-operative care.

Benefits of AlloDerm Gum Grafting

There are many benefits to getting AlloDerm gum grafting at our Sault Ste Marie dental practice. First and foremost is repairing the area(s) of recession thus covering the exposed root and thickening the gum tissue so it does not happen again.

Perhaps most importantly, no donor tissue is taken from the patient’s palate. This means less pain and discomfort during the recovery period. This is not a minor consideration, and it’s this great patient comfort that makes us sure you’ll be pleased with your treatment.

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There are very few risks associated with AlloDerm gum grafting and plenty of benefits. If you would like to discuss these risks and benefits of AlloDerm gum grafting in more detail, contact our Sault Ste Marie dental practice today. The Northern Dental Care team looks forward to your visit and discussing your options in more detail.

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